Top 3 best places to visit in Myanmar

For those who are not aware, Myanmar is a Southeast Asian Nation that comprises as many as 100 ethnic groups. The country borders several countries including India, China, Thailand and more. Known for its numerous parks, bustling markets, Buddhist relics, friendly locals and more, Myanmar serves up one of the best travel locations in the world and with supportive Myanmar travel agencies. In particular, these are some of the best places to travel in Myanmar.

Watch the sunrise over the Bagan temple

Spend time at the Bagan Temple and enjoy the breathtaking sunrises, which make up for some of the best early morning sceneries in the world. The Bagan temples stretch out too long distances, whereby an appealing morning mist rises over the plain to complement the morning view.

Myanmar VertexClimb the 777 steps at Mount Popa

Mount poppa is regarded by many people as one of the best postcard sights. As a sacred monastery that has features of shining gold, the mountain is also an extinct volcano. The 777 steps lead all the way to the top of the Mountain, which is also the main base of some of the most powerful Nats. Besides that, the route is also packed with monkeys, that serve up some of the best entertainment for travellers, who look for the best places to visit in Myanmar.

Take a boat ride at Inle Lake

Inle lake is regarded as one of the best scenic lakes in the world. It comprises of stilt houses and a host of Buddhist temples, that can be seen in the marshy reeds. The best method to enjoy spending time at the lake is to take a boat ride on one of the unique designed wooden boats. There, you can enjoy rejuvenating silence and ambience offered by the lake.

Myanmar VertexWrapping it up

All things considered, Myanmar is perhaps one of the best travel locations in the world. This list identified some of the preferred travel spots for you to consider. Remember to carry a journal or a powerful camera to help you in documenting your travel experience.