The benefit of international diploma locally in Yangon

For many years, the only place one was able to study in international logistics was through enrolling in educational institutions outside of Yangon. Some students even had to travel overseas to countries as far-flung as Singapore to enrol in an international logistics course.

However, such times are in the past after the introduction of the Diploma of in Logistics and Supply Management by Yangon-based Shenton Institute of Applied Finance, commonly known through its acronym SIAF.

Studying in the Yangon-based institution comes with several merits.

• Affordability

It goes without saying that studying at local institutions is cheaper than doing so in schools outside the country. The financial advantage of enrolling for an international diploma in Yangon goes beyond the classroom in the form of tuition fees and this is because the city is known for its low cost of living relative to other major cities in Asia. Therefore, students can access excellent accommodation facilities at affordable rates.

• Accessibility

SIAFStudying in Yangon means that students don’t miss a lesson throughout the entire course since the institute is close to them. Living near an institution is of critical importance to students engaged in other activities such as employment in the city. It is in light of this that the Shenton Institute of Applied Finance has a curriculum set in such a way that employed students can attend part-time classes on Sundays between 2 PM and 5 PM.

• Local Relevance

Students who study in Yangon are exposed to the logistics industry in the city, and are, therefore, better placed in identifying the problems facing the industry. By being in touch with the domestic logistics scene, students who receive an international diploma in Yangon are better prepared when looking for jobs in the city upon graduation.
• International Application

Studying in Yangon does not mean that one can only use the diploma in Myanmar. The international diploma offered at the Shenton Institute of Applied Finance (SIAF) is fully accredited by the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), meaning graduates can look for opportunities in Singapore.

Successful graduates are also able to receive a professional credential from the World Certification Institute via the SIPMM and be a World Accredited Practitioner in Logistics and Supply Management.