Bagan, the Jewel of Southeast Asia

This beautiful city is located in the Mandalay Province of Myanmar. The ancient city was initially known as ‘Pagan’ as it was home to the largest populations of Pagodas, Stupas and Buddhists temples remain worldwide.

columbusThe shapes of these ancient temples have relevancy to the Buddhists with some sections on the temples having a spiritual architecture. Centuries ago, about the 13th century, this city was the capital of the Pagan kingdom which later on the kingdom tried to amalgamate the adjacent regions including the present Myanmar state.

The temples that were constructed centuries ago have been demolished but some, over 2000, are still in good shape and are standing today. You will find the Bagan tour fascinating and very informative.


All over Asia, Bagan is renowned for its cuisine. The city boasts of having arguably the best culinary experience in all of Myanmar. It’s a mixture of Chinese, Thai and Indian cookery with a touch of local Bagan cuisine.


There are three main ways of travelling from Yangon to Bagan; a train that takes 3 hours, a flight taking just an hour, or a coach. All three modes of transport are suited for the different preferences of visitors. Numerous forms of transport await when in Bagan.

A popular example is a taxi which is the most commonly used means of transportation. You can also choose to ride on horseback or a pulled cart.

myanmarvertexIf you are into sightseeing, this is the place to be, and while riding a horse you will get spectacular views and a different kind of an experience. However, nothing beats having an aerial view of the city, and therefore a balloon tour over Bagan is a must-do when you visit Bagan.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to make a few arrangements with the local service providers, depending on your preferred mode of transport; be it the balloon tours or horseback to go round the city.