A wonderful event (The Thadingyut Festival)

In Myanmar, there are many festivals and seasonal festivals. Every month has its own festival. Buddhism has a great influence on the daily lives of Myanmar people and the celebration of the light festival of Myanmar. Thadingyut and the Tazaungdaing festivals are known as the lightning festivals as we offer light to Lord Buddha on the full moon days of the month. The full moon day of Thadingyut which is still known as Abhidhamma Day for Buddhist. The Thadingyut Festival also known as the Lighting Festival of Myanmar, is held on the full moon day of the Burmese lunar month of Thadingyut. As a custom, it is held at the end of the Buddhist lent and is the second most popular festival in Myanmar. Celebrating Lighting Festival in Thadingyut to welcome the Buddha’s descent from Tarwataintha heaven after he preached the Abhidhamma to his mother, Maya who was reborn in Tarwataintha heaven. This festival is celebrated in Myanmar for three days beginning from the day Continue reading “A wonderful event (The Thadingyut Festival)”

Things to know about Nyaungshwe (Shan State, Myanmar)

Nyaung Shwe is a pleasant town and is one of the main traveller scenes in Burma. The town is the main tourist hubs for visiting Inle Lake and is the second largest lake in Myanmar. Boat ride to Inle Lake is famous among the locals and tourists, a boat ride and visiting interesting places around the lake is the main attraction in Nyaung Shwe. Inle Lake is located on a hill and 900 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains, so the climate is very nice and special to relax. Inle Lake is a huge freshwater reservoir and the size is 22 kilometres by 10 kilometres. About 70 thousand people live around the lake and on its islands, most people called Floating Villages. The price for a private boat is K20.000 for a half-day visit to around the lake. You can stop by at local workshops like lotus weaving, making fabric from cotton and silk. You can see the amazing workshops that the local’s woman showed how to make threads from lotus stem and the weaving process. And you can also buy the traditional style of handmade dresses at different prices. Another place is the silver workshop,  you can see how silver is melted. People who live in Inle lake are called InTha, they are very polite and honest.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is another place that you should not miss. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is the most impressive monetary in Inle Lake with Continue reading “Things to know about Nyaungshwe (Shan State, Myanmar)”

Bagan, the Jewel of Southeast Asia

This beautiful city is located in the Mandalay Province of Myanmar. The ancient city was initially known as ‘Pagan’ as it was home to the largest populations of Pagodas, Stupas and Buddhists temples remain worldwide.

columbusThe shapes of these ancient temples have relevancy to the Buddhists with some sections on the temples having a spiritual architecture. Centuries ago, about the 13th century, this city was the capital of the Pagan kingdom Continue reading “Bagan, the Jewel of Southeast Asia”

The benefit of international diploma locally in Yangon


For many years, the only place one was able to study in international logistics was through enrolling in educational institutions outside of Yangon. Some students even had to travel overseas to countries as far-flung as Singapore to enrol in an international logistics course.

However, such times are in the past after the introduction of the Diploma of in Logistics and Supply Management by Yangon-based Shenton Institute of Applied Finance, commonly known Continue reading “The benefit of international diploma locally in Yangon”

Top 3 best places to visit in Myanmar

For those who are not aware, Myanmar is a Southeast Asian Nation that comprises as many as 100 ethnic groups. The country borders several countries including India, China, Thailand and more. Known for its numerous parks, bustling markets, Buddhist relics, friendly locals and more, Myanmar serves up one of the best travel locations in the world and with supportive Myanmar travel agencies. In particular, these are some of the best places to travel in Myanmar.

Watch the sunrise over the Bagan temple

Spend time at the Bagan Temple and enjoy the breathtaking sunrises, which make up for some of the best early morning sceneries in the world. The Bagan temples stretch out too long distances, whereby an appealing morning mist rises over the plain to complement the morning view.

Myanmar VertexClimb the 777 steps at Mount Popa

Mount poppa is regarded by many people as one of the best postcard sights. As a sacred monastery that has features of shining gold, the mountain is also an extinct volcano. The 777 steps lead all the way to the top of the Mountain, which is also the main base of some of the most powerful Nats. Besides that, Continue reading “Top 3 best places to visit in Myanmar”

The Real Opportunity for Investors is Digital Marketing

With the current technical information progression, each business in Myanmar shall have to put resources into digital marketing to expand their client base and sales. This additionally applies to experts who are employed to offer professional IT advertising business. On the off chance that the privilege advanced advertising system is stuck to, you will expand your business’ potential returns and have unlimited opportunities. Local marketing, SEO and SEM, Google advertisement campaigns are among the common Myanmar advanced digital marketing techniques. Nonetheless, to pick the correct marketing strategy, you will have to consider the below components.

• Target audience – you should know your objective and market to target to and how they get data about the products and services that you  Continue reading “The Real Opportunity for Investors is Digital Marketing”

Why you need a website for your business in this internet age?

We cannot resist the fact that we live in the internet age where everything revolves around it. Businesses that create a website in this age are more advantageous unlike those that don’t find the need to get one for their businesses. These firms tend to make more revenues and profits, unlike their counterparts. For this and the other reasons discussed in this article, keep reading and get to understand why you need to hire a Myanmar web designer to create a professional website for your business.

1. Make your business discovered

There is no other better way to let people find your business in this internet age than through a website. It gives you a great platform to talk to both customers out of your reach and those Continue reading “Why you need a website for your business in this internet age?”

9 inspiring facts about Interior Design & Renovation

Everyone nowadays seems to have a vocation in interior design and decoration. Home decorators and interior design Myanmar can help increase a space for creating more appealingly, efficient and functional homes. Decorators are trained to see the big depiction, a talent which many people lack. However, what will enable you to differentiate the best from the rest of us? The following facts will help you identify them.

They detect and give the required response to design opportunities

Phoenix EmperorLocking of an element or material in the plan, mood board or brief does not necessarily mean that you have to miss a chance. Occasionally it’s good to open up and change the plan. Get hold of the day.

Focus on the big picture just like the details

The design is all about getting to know a goal or a problem. Then test the solution refining the given options to come up with the suitable solution.

They get up in your grill but the in a good way

Designers’ think about what you need more than what you Continue reading “9 inspiring facts about Interior Design & Renovation”